Friday, April 13

buh-bye minnie!

yes, we somehow managed to name our little guest, minnie. ok, here's the story...

right after i blogged last night, i went downstairs hoping that noel caught minnie already. noel was sitting in the couch watching basketball (men... you just need to get them workin' all the time). nwayz, come to find out that ever since i went upstairs little minnie hasn't showed up yet. so here i am, although frightened to face this rascal had to put on my samson gear... hehehe got my broomstick, couple of boxes and surrounded the spot i was guarding. now, it's true when they say, "no matter how long you've been married, you learn new things about each other everyday"... well, my husband who was supposedly tough, was not so tough at all when it comes to this little creatures hahahaha i was laughing so hard when he tried making noises on every spot of the fam room and would jump from one place to another. especially when he had to look under the couch with a flashlight, we were imagining that minnie was ready to throw down... lolz

well, we found out that it came from the side of our fireplace... i guess the builder didn't finish sealing the sides of our fireplace and so there you go... it invites unwanted guests in the house. rrrr, well i've asked my husband too many times to replace our fireplace with something more contemporary anyway so i think i was able to convince him last night. nway, long story short... after hours of trying to find minnie... we finally saw her go inside this hole, sprayed the sides of the fireplace with a bug repellent (couldn't find anything else) and walah! it jumped right out and fell inside one of my fav vases... nway, minnie's life ended inside my vase and so even if i like that vase, i asked noel to get rid of it. yup! minnie finally rested in peace. noel stayed with her till her last breath (he felt bad right after), but me? um, i took a picture of it... hehehe nope i won't keep it in my collection just like what my husband thinks, but i just want to show it to my fam while telling them the story later. what an adventure... we stayed up till 3am cleaning and rearranging the fam room.

that's why i didn't get to load yanna's pics coz i was bc chasing our little guest. noel's gonna buy the foam spray to seal the fireplace temporarily until we replace it with a nice looking mantel.

promise i'll load yanna's pics tonight. gotta stay up again for another video project.

have a nice day!

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