Thursday, April 5

too excited!

goodness! i forgot to mail the easter cards today. i'm hoping it'll arrive on sat even if i mail it first thing tomorrow morning. it was a great coordination between c and ayre. i provided them with the materials to put together the simple easter card i came up with. it was great to see them work their creativity. although it was pretty hard for me to not do it my way, i just forced myself not to worry about it. the important part was they enjoyed putting it together without mommy saying "not that way honey, this way" - ayayay! i'll take a picture of it and post it later.

nway, there's nothing more exciting, but to start my first leadership of bible study tomorrow, GOOD FRIDAY! i had everyone study the book of james since those scriptures really spoke to my heart... i know there's a lot more to learn, but i think it's best to start them with something everyone needs to hear... it talks about faith in the midst of trial, temptation and practical Christianity. i hope everyone's doing their assignment. see, God's been nudging me for quite sometime now and i just keep ignoring the call. i was fearful of lacking words to say or answers to some of the difficult questions people can come up with... remember i'm not an expert in the Bible yet. so, yesterday God did His nudging again... well i finally told Him (i was in the car pickin' up my kids from school) "ok Lord, i'll do it. but i need your help coz i don't know what i'm going to say - i need courage and your wisdom. you want me to do this so i expect you to speak for me." and believe me, i felt good letting that out and i was comfort with the words that was whispered in my heart
"you don't need to do all the talking, have them read it ahead of time and invite them to share their own thoughts and understanding. this way, you will all learn from each other - that's why it's called Bible study - you study the word of God together with different point of view." at this point i felt better knowing that God will be with me and that He really wants me to do this. however, i was kinda hoping that maybe someone won't be able to make it, but um, the people i invited will make it! waaaa! i feel numb. lolz! ok, i'll update you with the outcome, but pls pray for me tonight, tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon hehehe i need all the prayers i can get, ok.

another event my whole family are looking forward to is "The Jesus of Nazareth" play. we're going to see it this sat. although the weather seem to be cold, it's still a perfect time to go... it's easter the next day! woohoo! i was really planning on having a small get together for easter egg hunt, but everyone agreed to see the show so i can't wait for sat! i've heard so much good things about it, that i can't stop thinkin' about it. well, if you saw the Passion of the Christ, then this you will definitely love also, plus it's live! check it out and see for yourself... maybe you can plan an outing for your fam too!

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