Monday, April 16

VA Tech Shooting

i'm in the middle of watching the 1st press conf. for the va tech massacre shooting that took place this morning. the first time i heard of this was early this morning and i didn't know so much about it that it didn't hit me till i got home @ 3p and saw the news. 31 dead, including the gunman and many are injured. there are no words to make this pain go away for the victims, family and friends of va tech, but i pray that all will be filled with God's comfort and love through this difficult time in their lives.

friends, join me in lifting them up in God's hands. take a few mins. of your time to pray for the family, the victims, friends & students of va tech, that in time all wounds may heal and God's power of forgiveness may gradually fill their hearts as they bear this painful experience from this day forward.

Lord, we don't know what caused this to happen, but please help us understand your eternal purpose and help the families, friends, victims and students of va tech heal from this tragic event. Father, 2 more people were pronounced dead in addition to the 31 earlier... may you bring forth your mercy and peace as we continue to watch and fear what else to come. may your glory shine upon them and may they come to know you as they grieve for their loved ones. Lord, you and I know how difficult it is to loose a loved one, please carry us through this tough time. may Your will be done. Amen.

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