Monday, April 16


Halu friends -- I won't make this long..lolz.. Just thought of blogging before I leave for the day. N-ewayz, I was late this morning. I stayed up last nite trying to finished Kalea's scrapbook. lolz. Really, for me - it looks done but I still have a lot of pictures I want to add.. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and many more.. Ayayyayy! Just never ending.. So, I just decided to do Kalea's pictures and her older sister Destiny ( her 1-12 months ) pics and the rest... NO MORE SCRAPBOOK! I will just do my old style -- putting them in the albums..lolzz..Much easier.. ha ha ha.. Well, really -I was never into Scrapbooking but i know Love tried to encourage me to just give it a try.. And thanks mi love =) .. he he he.. But really, u need a lot of patience of doing that.. ha ha ha.. and it's so hard to make it look so perfect.. Especially -- knowing my hands.. I move a lot.. lolz... -- See, today-- i received another pictures of my little one from my father in law.. Ayayayyay!. And again, i ordered more pics of her.. Yay! Can't help it... Babies are just so cute..... Hmmm, i don't know -- my baby is not looking like her mom at all.. No matter-how much i tried..ha ha ha.. She's just tooo funny -- She likes to laugh/Smile.. ayayy!..
Hmmmm, yesterday, we had our HAT'S DAY.... We went to the store and tried on all the hats out there.... So yah! mommy ended up shopping again.. lolz..
Saturday -- going backwards here..ha ha ha.. My hubby was planning to finish his Taxes but we ended up staying in bed from 2PM - 10PM.. ha ha ha.. We didnt do any work but just relax, eat and watch TV...See, that's why the two of us can't stay home because we're not gonna get anything done but eat and relax.. We know ourselves too much. We like to move around like Lovely's friend ( minnie)... ha ha ha.. ..But it was good... We gained 10 lbs..lolzz... ..Okay, gots to go.. i will just update this later.... okie dokie.. vavvooskii

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