Sunday, April 1

let's talk music

i'm in the middle of working on a video from a returning customer and i'm just takin' a break right now. had to play with my lil' bebe first (she's been a mama's girl all day - gotta take advantage before she thinks of her dad again - hehehe) and thought of bloggin' before i bury my thoughts in this video again.

thank God i was able to organize our home office. i bought a huge bin sometime ago (and i mean huge - 2 people can fit there) coz i like stackin' up some gift items when they go on sale and believe me, it saves me time and money, especially when it comes to last minute parties *wink*. anywayz, the bin is full, but organized... that's the best part, i get to see everything in my office now.

nwayz, after cleaning our office, my daughter, c and i spent hrs and hrs in the computer just downloading songs for her ipod and mine. so happy i found some old classic filipino songs. my hubby did it the other day with my son, ayre. i was surprised to hear the songs my husband downloaded... most of them are food for the soul. i caught him one time in his car, just meditating with the lyrics of the songs. he's beginning to like ryland angel.

as a matter of fact, lemme share to you some of the songs we like.

noel's: (if you listen to the lyrics... it's his heart's desire for the Lord) Find A Way To You by Ryland Angel

ayre's fav song: How to Save a Life by The Fray

camille's one of many fav songs: (she picked this coz of the filipino series she loves watching) Sana Maulit Muli by Gary Valenciano

yanna's fav: (she loves to put her hand against the storm door when her dad and i would leave, then she'll wait till we put our hand on the other side as well - she copied it from the sloth in the "big big world") "It's a Big Big World"

mine: (my heart yearns for people to know Christ) Glory by Selah



edward bennett said...

hey..nice music selections.
I like the Ryland Angel song ( he'll be performing this song April 18th at my performance space in Manhattan) and the others you suggested.

Lovely said...

hi edward, thanks for your comment. i'm glad you enjoyed my selections. take care!

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