Wednesday, April 18

in reference to margery's testimony

just happened to read marge's recent blog and i second the motion that "God opens doors that we think would never even open."

just like the sea, our lives are often filled with waves of turbulence. at such times we may cease to recognize and embrace the presence of Christ in our lives. worry, fear, fatigue, anxiety, and confusion all contribute to our twisted image of the beautiful world God has provided. but when we make the effort to quiet ourselves, just as how marge took her time to gather herself after a day of disappointment, we will hear the Holy Spirit reminding us that we are loved and are precious in God's sight. the waves of confusion calm; the loving Spirit of God enfolds us. as we breathe deeply, we remember that this is the breath of God within us. once again, we can focus on the center of all lives, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

praise God for His undying love for you and me!
continue to be blessed in Jesus' name... for He turns our mournings into dancing!

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