Monday, April 9

weeks of project

hi all! sorry haven't been able to blog for what? days? weeks? here i am, been exhausted with tons of projects for work. how's your easter? hope it went well. as for me and my family we all had our traditional feast at our favorite restaurant in tn "yazoo's restaurant". of course as always, rich and i had their famous mississippi mud pie! oh! so good!

this project i've been working on for weeks now, just happened to be soooo complicating. i think i ran out of hair to pull. rich and my girlfriends' have been complaining because i bring my laptop everywhere we go. i should get a raise for this... HA! you think? okay, enough with the complaining, at least i still have a job.

bouncy's under the weather today. i think i gave her too much treat last night that it's giving her stomach pain. i don't know, i think i'll wait for a couple more hours before i call the vet. what else is new with everyone? lovely, how was the show? they surely don't have any play like that over here.

okay, i think it's time for me to sign off now. i just wanted to keep my sanity so i thought of blogging before i loose it anytime now :)

keep the blogs going!

- till next time!

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