Monday, April 9

AG for Awesome God

yup! we serve an awesome God! what a wonderful easter weekend for me and my fam. let's see friday, somethin' came up that we didn't get to do Bible study. sat morning, we had a wonderful noisy breakfast (the whole fam slept over) left at 10:30a to see the Jesus of Nazareth play in indiana. and may i say it was all worth it! the passion of Christ was well told and you can certainly feel that you were part of the crowd. people could not help, but weep during the crucifixion and shout for joy during the resurrection. i mean it was perfectly produced. i highly recommend believer or non-believer to come and watch.

right after the show, we went to chinatown to pig out. see our family would rather enjoy every portion of our food for a cheap price rather than paying so much for less than half of a plate worth of food... don't you think so? anyway, it's better to enjoy the food than play fancy - i think. k, well we got home around 8ish and rested and had a family Bible study. thank God, He was there to guide me and speak for me. everyone had their say and it was fascinating to see and hear the kids give their own thoughts. it was fun and definitely educational. we're planning on doing this every sat... Lord willing.

easter day, we went to church at our usual time, but totally forgot that the service was at 1030a and 1p so we ended up waiting till 1p since we got there at 11a. to kill time, we bought pizza, bread sticks, chicken & drinks and had our picnic in the parking lot of little caesars. hehehe so ghetto! but fun, as usual. the service was absolutely heart pounding. in the beginning they played a wonderfully made slide show of the crucifixion up to the time when Jesus resurrected from death. after seeing the Jesus of Nazareth, for some reason everytime i would see the scene of the opening of the tomb, i feel butterflies in my stomach. it feels great having a God like Jesus!

we went to the cemetery to visit mama. we stayed for awhile and before we left, i felt to just pour out everything in my heart in prayer to God, we were able to pray for everyone we knew who was in need of prayer as well as the lost souls. what a great opportunity to be able to do that.

anyway, today our project was blessed once again by the power of God. i got in contact with 2 orgs who have the same vision as we do and have pretty much wet their feet at their own locations. one is located in arizona and one in texas. praise God and they're both willing to partner with us. the one in texas is willing to sponsor one of our major needs... and we have nothing but praises to God for revealing all the resources we need to get this up and running. i will put a link to their websites as soon as we launch our project. thanks to all who have supported us in prayer... we certainly need more prayers, so please keep it coming.

once again, HAPPY EASTER to all! God is good all the time!

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