Thursday, April 12

Sorry -- haven't been blogging

Hi All! Sorry -- I haven't been blogging much .. I don't even know where to begin.. Just like I told Love before - I still have to get use to this..I am not really good at this but I am enjoying it a lot.. Not only I get to chat with other bloggers around the world but I get to meet and talk to them.. See, I love meeting new people.. Some people think it's weird but I find it very interesting and fun..Well, well, well.....Last March 31 - My sister had a fashion show dinner ( Lyons Club/Leo Club) and we all went.. She actually sang with the band and she did some solo too.. We are so proud of her.. But of course still a little bit worried whenever she's out.. She has tooooo many friends ( just like her Ate and her friends)..lolzz.. But we just leave it all up to God.. The only thing we can do is to pray for her safety and to continue to be there for her as her family.. We love her so much.. I still remember when she was a baby.. Ayyyy!! Okay Char... Stop it already.. lolzz.... What else?? Oh no! April fools.. See -- it's been awhile since I April fooled everyone...Really, the person who was very good at this (before) was Love..ha ha ha.. So, here's my crazy self.. I sent an EVITE friday night and the subject was ' SURPRIZE BON VOYAGE TO ONE OF OUR DEAR FRIEND"... But the funny part was I didn't put any name of who's leaving..... So of course.. mostly everyone emailed/calling me and asking who's leaving... As much as possible -- I didn't want to answer any of their calls.. 'Cuz I know myself -- I mite slip and end up laughing.... So couple of my friends was crying... Saturday nite -- one of my friend couldn't help it anymore and she started calling everybody cuz she wanted to find out who's leaving... She even called my husband and started balling...ha ha ha.. So then my hubby text me and begging for me to send them a text already and say " April Fools".. See, my plan was to wait till midnight of April 1... But since one my friend ( Alice) was being so dramatic ( i love her though) ..... I text everyone at 10PM, March 31.. and this what I said " You guyz are so sweet, do you guyz know what is the date in the next 2 hours"... ha ha ha .. I guess every one's jaws sort of dropped"....bwhahahahahaha..They really made my day.... Ooooh!! Im telling ya-- I think everybody wanted to kick my butt that day...

Saturday nite - April 7 ---- we had our circle time --- where we do a little worship here at home and ask questions from the bible then we prepared our song for next day service.

Easter/Potluck at church.. We went to church --- We really didn't do much this day 'cuz William's dad was sick.. So we went to visit him even if we didn't see him.. He was at the room the whole time..( resting).. But that's okay -as long as he know that we were all there... After that, we went to visit Inang ( William's Aunt).. It was her 65 birthday.. So we went there for couple of hours and then went home..

Today --- I received an email from Life changers International church... See, I had some questions before and I just never got a clear answer but I thank God for HIS word and He finally gave the answer ... I have been praying for this for a very long time.. I talked to so many people already but still couldn't get the answer I want. Just so many of them are giving me different answer.. I prayed so hard.. And I know that God wants me to TRUST IN HIM fully not 50-50 but with all my heart. Allow me to share you a short message I read from one of the book I am reading - ( Battlefield of the Mind)... TRUST GOD, NOT HUMAN REASON. Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with your heart, Prov 3:5. In other words, do not rely on reasoning. Reasoning opens the door for deception and brings much confusion. I once asked the Lord why so many people are confused and He said to me, ' Tell them to stop trying to figure everything out, and they will being confused." I have found it to be absolutely true. Reasoning and Confusion go together. You and I can ponder a thing in your heart, we can hold it before the Lord and see if He desires to give us understanding, but the minute we start feeling confused, we have gone too far... He also said "Do not let your hearts be troubled but Trust in HIM, John 14:1". He is an awesome GOD! See, I'm confuse, I am hurt and I have so many questions-- I think a lot and most of the time - I want to express my true feelings and just let it out but It just won't come out right but I know God knows what's in my heart and I can talk to HIM about anything... I LOVE THE LORD!!! Being with the Lord is the best thing that ever happened to me and my family..

Also - I just want to say Congrats to my daughter Destiny for hitting the Honor Roll again this 3rd quarter.. I got the report card today from the mail but her dad and I joked with her and said " We need to have a talk bcuz of your report card" then she was like " Oh man! Did i fail some class?....Ha ha ha.. She was so nervous.. till we said " Just kidding".. See, we used to be so hard on her esp.her dad ( I am more lenient) but since we had our talked about not to be too hard on her.. We just told her that just as long as she studying and not missing her homework, failing her test even if she doesn't hit the Honor Roll is okay with us..See, we arejust so proud of her for being so responsible and I pray that the Lord will continue to guide her wherever she goes. She's not only helping me with house chores but she's helping me a lot with her sister Kalea.. I know she does a lot at home --She wash dishes now, separating the clothes ( laundry)..So, it's ready before I put them to the washer, she cleans her room at least once a week.. And Yes! She does complaints sometimes cuz I guess Mommy's making her work a lot..ha ha ha.. One time she came up to me and said 'Mom, Is it okay if I don't wash those big pans...lolzz.. See, Des and I had our talked why she need to learn to do all these house chores at this age and she understands why.... ....Well tomorrow she's going to her dad since she hasn't seen him for a month now...Ayy! I am going to miss her again this weekend.... N-ewayz, I just put my little Kalea to sleep.. Destiny too also just went to sleep.. Destiny's bed time is always at 9:00 unless we're out and Kalea is 9:30.. I just finished doing my laundry too... I am just waiting for my honey so we can have our midnight coffee..lolz -- He went to the prayer meeting and went to visit his dad...Well, I guess this is it for me ( Sorry, i know my blog this time is a little bit too long..ha ha ha) ...I'll try to blog more later... Vavoooski!!! Nitey ....Sweet dreams everyone and alwayz keep them SMILEZ GOING =)

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