Saturday, April 21

team unity

i brought camille to her skating class while i stayed in the car trying to study james 2 for the Bible study today. since i didn't finish writing my notes, we had to go to barnes and nobles so i can do some more reading.

the Bible study started at 5p and finished at about 8p. there were lots of interactions, q&a and sharings that were related to our topic. james 2 talks about favoritism and faith. thank God He once again gave us a clear understanding of His word. everyone asked questions and you can tell that they were all interested of what they can learn from this passage. from the youngest to the eldest... they were all filled with curiosity to what God has to say about their thoughts or personal situations and most of all filled with hope knowing that God truly has great plans for each one of us and we can never go wrong when we follow God. well, it turned out to be too long of a session, but it was all worth it. what i'm so amazed about is how much God brings out so many examples out of the blue for me to share. i, myself feel so humbled by His works that He continues to teach me and use me to teach others. believe me, i may be outspoken, but not to the point where i have to lead a Bible study. i underestimated what God can do through people like me. but i'm grateful that i'm one of the many people He chose to experience great joy in teaching the gospel. there's more for me to learn. even if i've read portions of the Bible too many times, there's always something knew to learn from it. that's what this Holy Book can do... bring out the transparency of our lives so that we can see which part needs some dusting.

i pray that we may apply His teachings in our daily lives. that the Lord will continue to guide us and give us the opportunity to make ends meet. i'm thankful that each one of them left with a big smile and a true understanding of what the scriptures say. we've decided to do it every other sat instead of every sat.

okay, i think it's time for me to hit the bed now coz my eyes are closing already and i might end up typing something that's inappropriate hehehe. but just a quick note in reference to james 2... God wants us to treat everyone the same (equal) and that faith without works is dead. thank you Father for helping me understand everything i need to learn and for using me to deliver Your message. now, i encourage you to back your words with actions so that people around you will see the true faith you carry is real.

nitey nite!

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