Wednesday, April 4

pay it forward

my hubby and i just finished watching the oprah show and it was about "people's calling". i truly believe that we all have a purpose in life... God's purpose, that is. we need to recognize our passion and take the step to use it not for our personal recognition, but for the glory of God.

the show was inspiring, pushing noel and i to really set our minds for the project God has laid in our hearts. we both agreed that without prayers and God's provision we will not be able to accomplish anything. that's why we need you to intervene and say a quick prayer for us and the project HOPE, from time to time. we shield every corner of this process in God's holy hands. the idea is to have as much people to pay it forward. we are all fortunate to have what we have and to be in our simple or great status. if we just sit there and continue to feel sorry and not do anything for the needy, what difference have we brought in this world then? nothing! may your calling be for a financial help, emotional help, physical help, or just to be a friend to someone is a supernatural blessing already.

don't think that you don't have what it takes to make a difference in someone's life. be the encourager instead of the way to a broken road. the Lord sees every good work that is done and He remembers every second of it. every step of the way, He is ready to help us and receive us when we need to recharge our mind, body and soul.

it's really an honor to be God's follower. at times it may seem that the way is unclear, but the power of God and His way of using us is absolutely unregretful. the Lord loves us too much to give up on us. He sees what we can become and He uses us to let others know about His love as well.

i'm about to sign off and hit the bed now. but before that, remember to recognize your calling and let the Lord reveal His mighty plans for your life. As you let Him mold you to be one of His great followers, trust that wherever He leads you, He will sustain you and provide your every need.

be blessed!

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