Tuesday, April 24

God works behind the scene

have you experienced someone so close to you whom you've been longing to feel if you're loved, but no matter what you do they seem to be distant with you? i have, but now i can say that it's ok coz after many prayers and years of waiting, i've finally felt the love i've been hoping for.

long story short, i've been longing for a good relationship with my dad and i'm sure that goes for my siblings as well, but God's time is always so good. i may not know the reason why it had to take this long and why not when my mom was still with us, but God's timing has always been perfect.

today's my dad's 66th birthday. i called him after work, while driving home. the conversation was short, but heartfelt. i felt the sincere "i love you", my dad said before we hung up the phone. see, i never once heard my dad said the word "i love you" to any of us. but ever since my mom went to be with the Lord, my dad's been openly saying those powerful words to us. but for some reason, today was different... right when i finished talking to him, tears started running down my face... i really couldn't help it. i called the Lord and said a prayer of thanksgiving. i'm so grateful that the Lord continues to work on our personal weaknesses. although there are still many things that needs God's attention, i know those things are part of His to do lists... so there's no reason for me to fret.

i wanted to share this to you to let you know that i too am capable of getting hurt, disappointments can still occur and pain will come and go, but most of all i want you to be encouraged that God is good! He always has our best interest in mind. He gives us hope... HOPE that brings light into our dark world. HOPE that reunites love in our broken heart. friends, maybe there is someone you love whom you've been hoping to love you back or maybe someone you've been longing to see changes to, but have somewhat given up the possibilities; take heart my friends, for God's promises are true. His mercy is new every morning. His faithfulness is everlasting. all you need to do is "wait some more" - in God's time... in His absolute time... your heart will overflow with thanks to our greatest King... and that i surely guarantee you.

continue to be blessed my friends!

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