Thursday, April 12

one little fugitive

oops! missed char. we could've chatted if i only knew she was still up. hey char! wanna do my laundry next? lolz


goose bumps, weakening of my legs, screamed at the top of my lungs... those were one of the few sensations i felt when i saw a little fugitive in my family room. if you haven't guessed it yet... it's a disgusting mouse! oh my gulay! (tagalog for veggie) you do not understand how scared i was when i saw this tiny mouse crossed under my seat to the back of the tv. just telling you the story gives me goose bumps all over again. i yelled for husband, while he was in the room putting yanna to sleep. he was carrying her when he came out of the room and i ran towards them, grabbed yanna from him and shakily told him what had happen. i have no idea where that thing came from, but i'm here in my room bloggin' while my husband is downstairs taking care of it. coz i sure won't go downstairs till he catches that little rascal. oh my goodness! how can that thing get in here? ewe! i'm sorry, but i am just not a fan of any other creatures besides human. i was scared then and i will forever be scared of them. the not so good part, i think my daughter, camille and my son, ayre are the same way, which is bad. yanna on the other hand is not scared at all. she pets any animal she sees... which is nice, at least she's not a chicken like me. i want them to like dogs or something. i mean, i'm envious of people who have them, but i'm the #1 barricade to my family to not have any pet in our house.

nwayz, back to the fugitive... the worst part was i didn't get to finish my fav soap... ugh!

ok, lemme change the subject. yanna, my little princess, had a photo fever earlier. she wouldn't stop bugging me to take a picture of her. i have so many photos that i have yet to organize in my scrapbooks nor photos that haven't been developed. i keep them all in my hard drive... tsk tsk tsk, not good! anywayz, i couldn't resist her big brown eyes, chubby cheeks, red puffy wet lips and her sweet poses, so i grabbed my camera and snapped away! and can i tell you that none of her poses were dictated by mom... yes, it's all her. lemme try to go downstairs in the office and load the pics.



hmm, it's been quiet! i wonder if noel caught the mouse yet or is it the other way around? hahaha k, i'll tell yah later... for now, nitey nite!

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