Thursday, March 29

when God reminds you of someone

with just my title alone, i get goose bumps all over. let me share to you an amazing story i experienced first hand...

last night while reading the new book i purchased, "God's Power to Change Your Life" (yes, i purchased another book without finishing my other lined up books - yikes!) nway, for some odd reason i couldn't comprehend what i was reading and had to go back to the beginning at least 3x only bcoz my sister's best friend and his family kept lingering my mind. have you had those moments when someone out of the blue just pops in your head? well anyway, that's what happened to me last night and so i had to stop reading coz i felt the need to pray for them. i may not know whether they're doing well or not, but ever since God saved me i'm easily touched with compassion for others (i'm already emotional, but i think God doubled it.. hehehe). so anyway, after praying for them i went about my business.

early this afternoon, i received a reply back from the email i sent in regards to "God's turn to ask questions" ... well to my surprise it was from the wife of my sister's best friend. she was just saying thanks and wanting to let me know that the inspirational emails i would send really helps her and others. i replied to her saying, "i'm glad that God's word are not returned void. how are things? i thought about you & your family last night... hmm, it was strange, but for some reason i felt the call to pray for you guys. hope everything is doing good in God's name. take care...." then she replied back saying that she and her husband just separated and that her daughter lives with her and is doing well in school.

honestly, i couldn't help the tears run down my face. i praised God right away for nudging me to pray for them. of course it was not my place to give her an advice, but as a follower of Christ, i gave her encouragement hoping that forgiveness will pour in their hearts and God's healing will come to place, in His time.

as i was sharing this story to my husband, telling him how good the Lord is when He uses us. he asked me, where you listening to 90.1 last night? i said, "no." then he said, "there's another amazing scenario that adds to what just happened to you ... " last night when he was on his way home, he heard the last few words of a segment on the radio (wmbi/ 90.1 fm) that "God sometimes reminds us of someone out of the blue and that when we do get those reminders, we should pray for them, for we may never know whether they're in the midst of a great trial." now, how amazing is that?

it's a great feeling to know that God is watching over us and that He uses ordinary people like us to console others in prayer. i thank the Lord for those little, but powerful nudges!

so to you my readers... when you're reminded of someone, whether your experience with them was good or bad, take it as an opportunity to pray for them. on another note... if you're one in need of prayer, send me an email and i'll be delighted to pray for you. anonymous or not, i'm here.

blessings to you all!

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