Monday, March 5

back home!

finally, my sis & fam are back home. got lots of pasalubong... didn't expect it to be 1 balik-bayan box (international shipping box). no complains i love everythin' we got.

can't wait to go this december. before anything i gotta make sure everything's settled with our HOPE project first of course.

just got back from ayre's bball practice and i'm in pain. i walk & run while he's practicing... the track is right up the gym that's why. nway, walked too fast and now i'm regreting it - yikes! i was trying to walk up to 3miles, but i guess i still wasn't fast enough coz i only did 2miles and 1 lap for 45mins. i need to get used to it since i've joined the y-me race for breast cancer this mother's day. another outreach i'm trying to reach this year. noel did his climb to support the kids of children's memorial hospital last january. he climbed up to the top of the aon bldg. he didn't think he was gonna make it coz he was ready to give up at the 35th flr., i kept reminding him that the goal was for the cmh and not just to make it to the top to gain self-praise. well, lo and behold! he made it to the 80th flr. woohoo! all that for the patients and family of cmh.

k, gotta go watch with the kiddies now.

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