Friday, March 16

calming down

Whew! My day didn't start very well than anticipated. I had a bad encounter over the phone with one of our lenders and I'm telling you, I almost blew up. Good thing my co-worker called her resources and got my request taken cared of, Otherwise I wouldn't yanked the person over the phone if I can.

I'm so bad! I was so mad I wanted to blog about it! HAHAHAHA - I guess it's better than letting out my frustration to my husband or someone else. I have to calm down and I think by blogging it'll help.

Lovely, you're so lucky you'll be able to do your spring cleaning already. Rich and I should do that too before my in-laws come over, next month.

The Y-me thing sounds awesome! I wish I can join you, but we already have plans for our moms this year. Hopefully next year if you're still doing it, I'll be able to fly and race with you. Oh! Don't worry, Rich & I will donate. It's the least we can do. :)

Okay, I think I'm calm now... back to work! Oh! by the way, Hi to you too Charisma! Nice name by the way. Till next time!

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