Friday, March 2

james 3

i've been studying the book of james. i read james 3 again last night and wrote some notes. i believe the book of james was written for me. there are so many things i need to learn and need to keep reminding myself and this part of the bible really hit the bullseye of my life. although there's just no way for me to level with Christ, i know He still wants all of us to work our way in following His examples. it's amazing to me how God can do everything He has done even if we turn our backs on Him. how He still loves us inspite of our ughs in life.

try reading it yourself, ponder and take notes. if you want, give me your own thoughts!

off the topic here, but i'm so excited for my son, ayre. his team, "magic" has been undefeated! can't wait to watch them again tonight! my daughter, c, has been wanting to watch her lil' bro, but she has ice skating class the same time as his games on sats. she's finally gonna be able to, tonight. hooray! the whole fam will cheer him on!

my sis and her fam will be coming back from phils on sunday. can't wait to see them as well as my pasalubongs (tagalog for gifts or items given by one arriving from a trip) hehehe. ok, enuf! gotta get back to work!

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