Wednesday, March 14


wow! i'm so overwhelmed and grateful for all my readers who responded to me in regards to yesterday's odb "You're worth something!". i received an amount of response to the many situations these people are going through and God does know our needs way before it happens. the Lord continues to amaze me. yesterday's odb meant a lot to many who are currently in a tough situation and i'm grateful that they were blessed with the message as much as i was.

i'm actually getting ready to leave work right now and i just thought i should blog first since i might now have time later.

nat and char, thanks for the kind words. i look forward to reading your inspirational and silly blogs and i pray that with it, many will be blessed as they face the daily stages of life.

nwayz, don't you both worry... y'all will get used to blogging. it's fun and exciting to get to know more of each other as we progress. and i'm sure you all will be able to lift someone's spirit as you share your own experiences.

nwayz, i'm studying the book of timothy. i'm not done analyzing what God is telling me in this passage so once i'm done with my notes i'll share them with you.

before i sign off, i'd like to thank everyone who responded to yesterday's odb, i'm sure the Lord knows you needed some sign to let you know He's right beside you. so take heart, God is good all the time and He will not leave nor forsake any of us. also, i'd like to say thanks to my bros and sisters in Christ who lifted my sister in prayer in regards to her job... well God once again answered our prayers and her employer decided to keep her instead of being laid-off... praise God for all this!

and so i leave you with this note: no matter what happens to us, we have this assurance: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (found in Psalm 46:1). Open your eyes and your heart. He is there.

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