Tuesday, March 27

needed to...

Love pretty much filled you guys on how awesome this past weekend was, I gotta hand it to her; she really pulled it off with getting us gals together... It was so much fun! My candle party went well, better than what I thought or expected it to be. Unfortunately, not everyone attended, but I am so thankful for those that did come and esp. (on-time) heehey! Thank you =)

Anyway, I needed to get away for a minute and just take my mind off the nclex books, grrrrrrr! I have less than two weeks and I feel like I am having anxiety attacks. It's actually sinking in now, (Lord willing) I will have a grown up job and I will be able to work and do what feels right. I am so excited! I haven't worked a full time job since 1999. craaaaaaaaaazy! I've had part-time jobs and externships in between school and the kids, but I can't remember what it feels like to work outside of home. Oh goodness!

OK, I guess I better not stay away from the books too long... hehey! So, I will check in periodically...Keep em coming! I enjoy the blogs=)


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