Thursday, March 15

father & son bonding

totally forgot to tell y'all how proud i am of the 2 men in my life. my hubby, be and my son, ayre went to see the bulls game last tues. it was part of the father & son day ideas of our home church, willow creek. ayre could not sleep mon. night thinkin' about it. he kept thinkin' where he put his bulls shirt or jersey. lolz!
i bought some tix for my bro-in-law n my nephews so they can have their bonding moment as well. it was a hit! good thing the bulls won that day hehehe another way for them to celebrate that night. kids didn't even sleep the whole ride home coz they kept talkin' about the game - so cute =D too bad i'm not a sports fan, but i love to shop! hehehe who doesn't right?

nwayz, i began putting together our project HOPE web page and i tell ya, tears started running down my face while typing away. since we have exactly a year from now before this project goes live, we gotta get ourselves ready for the fundraising. the only thing i'm worried about when people would ask who to write the check to, we would have to say "just write to cash", coz it will be hard to open an acct if we're just starting without a registered organization, you know what i mean? i was told to start out small first and let God work His way around it so of course part of it is not jumping to register a non-profit org. - i mean we will still be opening an acct strictly for the HOPE project only. besides, most of the funds that will be used is coming out of our pockets first and so we started putting money aside already. i'm so excited for this proj n most esp for the people. so again, please continue to pray for us - that God will lead us to the right resources and for people to respond exceedingly in Jesus' name.

by the way, i've loaded the y-me race info in our "outreach programs" page. i sure hope y'all will visit and take a step of faith in extending your donation. you sure can join our team too if you'd like - i'd love to meet you!

nwayz, what happened to the weather today? goodness graciousness! it's ccccccold! heard it's gonna snow this weekend. hope not, jeez! we're planning to do our spring cleaning this weekend coz the extra garbage are free this month - hehehe i'm cheap like that! hey gotta take advantage of the free stuff ya know! k gotta go... have a blessed night lovers! muah!

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