Wednesday, March 21

tired and lazy

hi i'm back! rich and i went to pa for a weekend getaway. we were well accommodated at our friends' beautiful 2 story house with a view of the mountains in the guest room. it's a much needed short vacation for me and rich. oh! by the way, i'm liking this, typing with no caps... suggested by the queen of arts and crafts, lovely ;)

anyway, of course i went to the outlet mall! are you kidding me? the key is to bring an empty luggage and fill it up with shopping bags before you head back home - hehehe that's what i do every time we go there. rich is so used to it, he gets my empty luggage ready when he packs his stuff. what an understanding husband... he makes my heart melt all the time!

wow! can i say "hats off to you, margery!" captivating, that's deep! although i don't have kids (i have a puppy, does it count?), i can say i'm going to need that book sometime soon.

i actually felt like blogging when i was in pa... but rich made sure i didn't bring my laptop and kept me from getting near my friend's computer. i guess it kind of helped because it was definitely worth the relaxation we needed out of the stress we both get from work.

i missed my bouncy though. have to make sure i pamper her this weekend. i was going to do it today since i'm off, but like i said... i'm still tired and so so so lazy.

okay, that's it for now! 'till next time!

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