Tuesday, March 27

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Jesus Christ was the ultimate example of a friend. The disciples called Him Master and Lord, but He was also their friend. Jesus served them humbly, willingly, and cheerfully in the utmost of ways. He encouraged them to grow in God, and prayed for them and with them. He corrected them with the openness and concern of a friend when they strayed and continued to encourage them. He expressed how He expected some of the same selflessness in return when He asked them to keep watch for Him while He prayed in the garden. And even after they let Him down three times, Jesus still met them with compassion and forgiveness. We can learn a lot about how to approuch relationships in our own lives through the example Jesus set for us. Even though we're not as perfect as Jesus, we can still strive toward the standards He set in compassion, grace, mercy, patience, love, and at times the boldness for correction.

"A friend loves at all times..." Prov. 17:17

God is awesomee!

Char Char =)

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