Friday, March 16

The Spirit

Hi all:

This is so cool, thanks sis for inviting me to blog my thoughts and share with all on how God's arms are not too short and how His hands are not too small to carry us through this life journey.

Anyway, my lil one (Maxwell) has had a low-grade fever for a few days and extremely irritable, so I just assumed that it was a late reaction from his 1yr immunizations from almost 2wks ago...So I didn't think it was necessary to bring him to the Doc's. Of course my husband and I had been praying for him and yesterday we noticed some dryness/crust on his left ear and every time we would touch his ear to clean it he would cry. At this time, I was still saying oh it's nothing, maybe it's just old earwax or something...because there were no other signs of an ear infection. But the spirit say to me, "go take him to the doctor" here I am trying to talk my way out of it, oh it's nothing, it's a drive, it's a hassle to wait bcuz I don't have an appointment, etc.

So let me tell you, it is so important to be obedient to the spirit! Maxwell ended up having an ear infection and it got to the point where the "little bubble" in his ear protruded (burst) and the crust was coming out and that explained the crust on his ear. My poor baby!

So, I feel better now. Maxwell is taking an antibiotic and an ear drop, but immediately after giving it to him last night, he slept...which means I slept! =)

I guess to others it may have been obvious to go to the doctor's, but bcuz I am in the medical field, I have a tendency to not be so paranoid so to speak to run to the doctor's every time my children get a fever. And one might argue that it wasn't the spirit, but because we had been praying for Max, I believe that God allowed the protrusion to occur, so I would listen and and be obedient and finally take him in, so his infection could get treated.

It's so awesome to rely on His spirit, but also to be obedient is even more awesome!
Have a great weekend, can't wait to blog again =) thanks for listening/ know what I mean!

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