Monday, March 26

poor bebe

my little chubby bebe was constipated yesterday morning till after church. i knew it! my sis fed her banana that's why she's having such a hard time. poor bebe. food is yanna's best friend you know, but we could tell she wasn't feeling good coz she just held her fries on her chubby hand and stared at it while she puts her head on her dad's shoulder. =(

after church, i had a taste for thai food so i dragged my fam to thai haus in hoffman estates. my bro-in-law bought seedless grapes for yanna and i made her drink tea... thank God it worked! in a matter of minutes she was able to let it out. of course she was in tears, but she knew she was safe with mom and dad. i changed her in the van, watched barney for a few minutes and asked her if she wanted to eat and she looked at me with her big, round sparkling eyes and said "yeah!" with a big smile. aw! she was on for another round of food to digest hehehe she was a happy bebe once again! she ate and ate and ate some more... she's so independent that lately she's been wanting to feed herself. well, she did it again and was able to prove everyone that spicy food does not face her also... lolz!

our house is a full house once again... it's spring break so all the kids (incld. my niece & nephews) are staying over. i love it! even if our bills go up when everyone's at our place - yikes! - i'd rather be happy than worry about money... don't you think? didn't get to do our last weekend of spring cleaning. hmp! what to do? what to do?

nwayz, special thanks to my girlfriend, marge for inviting us to her partylite party last sat. enjoyed it very much! i was tempted to buy more, but i felt so guilty spending more for a candle rather than putting it to project HOPE. i'll make sure to enjoy what i ordered. can't wait to try out that body scrub! anywayz, i enjoyed the game and desserts ... and of course the company. it was great to see some lovely faces =)

thank you Lord for another wonderful weekend!

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