Saturday, March 24

mission accomplished

i'm here at the holiday inn hotel with my fam. we stayed overnight coz the kids wanted to take a dip in the pool. couldn't sleep well coz i still wanted my own bed. waaaa - i was more concerned about the kids. be and i kept wakin' up trying to make sure the kids are ok. gotta get ready to bring c to her ice skating class. plus, i gotta make sure i get to continue my spring cleaning when i get home... still lots to get rid of but my girlfriend, marge, has a partylite party later so, we'll see...

nway, my mission was accomplished yesterday. see, the last time my girlfriends and i got together was last Christmas. since then everyone was just too busy. my best friend char, sent an email 2wks ago wanting to see everyone's schedule, but again everyone were busy with fam, work, kids' activities, etc. so around tues or wed, i decided to email them individually asking to have a dinner with me (just me.. hehehe). well, lo and behold... they all responded and are willing to meet up for dinner on friday. i was pretty worried coz they might end up talking amongst each other and find out my plan. so anyway, a couple of them kinda did, but good thing it was that same day. hey at least out of 12 of us, 9 made it! it was great to see big smile on their faces when they finally saw each other. well, we had nothing but good laughs... we were laughing so hard, we got in trouble... yikes! (first time that ever happened... so embarrassing) but i admit, we were loud - so sorry - we just missed each other so much, we didn't realize we were at a public place hahahaha

for all its worth... it was great to see everyone again. but we missed lean, tal & lissy... hmmm, gotta come up with another plan!

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