Wednesday, March 14

Thanks for Inviting Me =)

Good Morning Lovable,Thanks for inviting me.. This is fun =) So, I can write as much as i want now and make silly kwento ( story).. Oh no! I guess I have to translate all Filipino words to English now... Aight then -- I have to get my dictionary ready..lolz.. Well Love, God has blessed you with many things-- u are very good in computer, crafts but most importantly is sharing HIS words to everyone.. Isn't a wonderful feelings that we can tell HIS stories to others. Well, I gotta get back to work.. We'll chat later.. Oh! and H there Natalie =) Welcome to the site... Also, please continue to pray for my friend Mary who just went home last week from the hospital- recovering from breast cancer surgery. I will be visiting her sometime this week.. Enjoy the rest of your sunny day..=)I will write more later.. okie dokie.. Vavoo Amigas =) **** WHOOOOO! it took me at least almost 2 hrs to figure this out but it's all worth it...lolzz.. But hey, i learned new things everyday*** Thanks sistah =)


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