Tuesday, March 13


The ODB continues to inspire my husband and I. He says you're a heavent sent. Keep up the good work! You said it yourself, even if it would just be one person to read your Daily Bread, you won't stop. Well honey, there's two of us. So you better not.

I just got home and I'm just waiting for Rich so we can have dinner together. I've been coming home late and I know I need to spend time with my hubby dubby! I like the blog about communication. I second emotion! I know without an open communication with our spouse, we can never know where our relationship would lead to nor what we're lacking as a partner.

I told Christy about this blog and she was laughing bcoz she knows I'm not really good at this, but I told her I can get use to it.

Okay, I think I should sign off. But before that, I want you to know that you're doing such a wonderful job. We all look forward to the next ODB so keep it coming! I'm sure just like Rich and I, there are people out there who goes through the deep waters of life and hearing an encouragement will certainly give them hope.

'till next time! Hope to see you soon!

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