Monday, March 12

happy family

it was a weekend of laughter and relaxation. my siblings along with the entire fam went to our house last sat. our eldest sis, cooked her infamous spaghetti, bought bags of sam's club's awesome bread rolls, mixed our sat feast with filipino snacks... yummy! there goes my diet! hehehe

that's not it though. went to church yesterday... great message once again. it was about james 5... the power of prayer. you and i both know we all take that route when we're at our most weak moment. i, myself find prayer as my way of releasing all my worries to God. it is when God gives me a new set of eyes to see a new perspective and a hope filled with His love. nway, after church we went to the cemetery to visit my ever dearest, mama. we had to take out the flowers and decorations coz they will do spring cleaning this week. afterwards, we went to my sister's place coz my dad also just came back from phils and he wanted to see all of us so there we are enjoying another set of food - waaaaaa i was bloated by the time we got home.

but all is well! we had a wonderful time talking about silly stuff... nothing but laughter i tell yah. hey! it's good for your soul as well as our physical body.

the best part though, we were able to put more ideas together for the HOPE project. unfortunately though, our trip was moved to last week of march 2008. since we have a big family, 19 to be exact, but only 17 might be able to go... leaving this dec 07 will be too expensive. not only ticket wise, but Christmas gifts alone to our huge clan in the phils will be too much to bear - yikes! although we will be setting aside funds for the HOPE project, we still want to make sure we have emergency funds just in case our expectations for the needs of this children will be greater than expected. my sis, already warned us that it will be so hard to say "no" to the less fortunate once we get there.

so again, please pray for all of us and more so for the project.

i will be uploading the tsunami video we donated for the lyon's foundation tsunami fundraising event, sometime soon. hope you will be encouraged to extend a help to the many people who are still affected by the tragedies of life.

God bless you all!

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