Saturday, March 3

a day of reflection

just put the kids to sleep. have church tomorrow and i can't wait to hear the next message. it's about james 4 this time. i have this journal book from willow creek (my home church)that we're working on for 5 weeks and i was reflecting on james 1-3, earlier. i thank God for talking to me through His words in the Bible. it got me thinkin' hard. it made me realize so many things i neglected to see about me. one thing's for sure... we all need God's nudge from time to time, otherwise we will all be off track without knowing it.

here are my memory verses for the past 3 weeks:
1) do not be merely listeners of the word and so deceive you. do what it says! (james 1:22)

2) my brothers, as believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, do not show favoritism. (james 2:1)

3) out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. my brothers, this should not be. (james 3:10)

btw, ayre's team won yesterday and today... still undefeated! hubby said ayre worked hard today. no wonder he was exhausted when he got home, fell right asleep in my bed. c on the other hand learned new moves in skating today. so proud of her =) we went shopping afterwards. love it! it's one of our many mother & daughter bonding moments. can't wait for my lil' one to join us.

my b and i were working on our mission statement for our outreach project to be launched this summer (Lord willing). we sure hope you all will come and support us. just to give you an idea, the project's name is H.O.P.E. - Helping Out People Everywhere! this project will first take place in the philippines, but we will be raising funds here in US. please include this project as well as all the people involved in your prayers. we're gonna need it.

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