Friday, March 9


what a great word! COMMUNICATION: activity by one organism that changes or has the potential to change the behavior of other organisms.

i love to communicate with different types of people. it's part of me! i'm not the type to just sit there and mope around. i admit, before i was pretty much in the serious side, but i still love to laugh with friends and family.... more so now that i have the fullness of the spirit through Christ Jesus.

nway, i just have to blog about this. i had a wonderful long conversation with my husband on the phone early this morning while we were both at work. first, we were discussing our plans for the HOPE proj. then it led to our own walk with God. it feels so good to just have an open communication with our spouse, you know. we not only learn from each other, but we develop a good communication level, respect and trust as well as great example to the kids in our lives. we believe marriage is a lifetime of adjustment... we continue to grow together and get to know each other. we cannot say we know everything about each other coz that doesn't leave space for change. change is good as long as it goes to a good direction... mainly, God's direction.

nway, i encourage all married couples out there... to put God in the center of your marriage... He will not only direct your path to a better relationship, but it will bring you security through faith in God. focus on the specific job God directed you (read 1 Peter 3 - to be more detailed).

i know many couples who struggle with this part of their marriage, but i encourage you... replace all the negative thoughts you have with positives and never give up nor don't loose hope... cry out to Jesus. He knows what you're going through.

- keep your eyes unto the Lord and smile!

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