Thursday, March 29

satisfied customer

hi all! yeah! it was a total shock for me. i never knew rich can pull of a surprise for me. i either find out by snooping around or out of the blue someone will slip. i was clueless and speechless! lovely, the video was breath taking. the perfectionist type you are, i'm not surprised what other ideas you can come up with.

let me tell you how rich planned the whole thing. okay, since we're both golfers, he brought me to river bend. ahh! loved it! played with some of the old timer, professional golf players in town. rich felt like a rookie! after hours of golfing and laughter, we freshened up and got ready for supper. let me tell you, it was second of the best romantic dinners i've ever been with rich, his proposal being the first. as soon as i walked in the restaurant, the pianist was playing our favorite song "it's your love". ooh, baby! i was fallin' in love once again! okay, the best part... while i was looking at the menu, the waiter went ahead and started setting up, what i thought was our appetizer, but when he took the lid off of this beautiful stainless steel decorated plate, to my surprise it was a dvd player. by this time i was totally confused. bcoz for a moment there i thought i was being punked or something. but anyway, rich turned on the dvd player (honestly, i was pretty embarrassed already while this was happening since all eyes were on me). as soon as i saw the menu screen i was in tears already and yes, as soon as i saw the walk2remember intro i was like "ah! no wonder lovely kept asking me those silly questions weeks ago." again, thanks for being so sneaky lovely. and of course thanks to my soul mate, rich for loving me more than i've ever dreamed of. i love you, babe!

okay, i think that's it for now... i just wanted to share my unforgettable, heart melting anniversary moment with my hubby dubby (he hates it when i call him that, but oh well! i know he still loves me)

thanks again mrs. miranda - from a one satisfied customer - ciao! =)

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