Wednesday, March 7

be safe than sorry

hello! i'm just about to leave work and thought of checkin' my email and blog. to my surprise i received an email from one of my odb readers, it was in regards to the odb i sent with the subject, "be safe than sorry".

here's what it says:
Hi, this I had to read twice because I have been there. I have done some horrible things in the past and I have asked for forgiveness and I am still begging for forgiveness everyday. I do wonder if I am forgiven and if HE forgives me. The reason why I question this is because before I did my wrong doing I thought twice and I had a guilty conscience. So, that means that I did not obey God. My conscience was HIM and I ignored HIM. I think am so horrible now because of this reading. Do you know that when I did do wrong I had enough nerve to do it over and over again?
I know that someday my actions will catch up with me and it has been on my mind every now and then. I am just hoping that if there is a price to pay I am able to stand strong and deal with it. Or am I even aloud to stand strong because I deserve whatever happens to me--because I was truly wrong. Can you advice? Thank you so much! By the way my Pastor enjoys your Daily Bread.

from me to you:
hello friend,

sorry for the delay, our system was being upgraded here at work that's why it took a while for me to check my email. first, i am humbled by your choice of emailing me. although we haven't met, i am grateful that the Lord is using this daily bread to touch people like you.

the Lord's mercy is new every morning. if you have asked for forgiveness, but still feeling guilty and despair, please remember John 1:9, "it means that if we confess a sin, God forgives it, no matter what we've done, no matter how bad we feel. God doesn't make exceptions. all your sins can be forgiven." many of us are pretty stubborn when it comes to the things we want and how we want it, believe me you're not alone. but if your heart is willing to be right with God, He gives us chances. now take that chance ones again even if it takes great sacrifice or it's not aligned with your desires. remember, the Lord works for our good... He loves us dearly. all of our wrong doings have consequences, but the Lord is still so good to us that He does not give us anything beyond what we can take. none of us are exempt from the consequences of our wrong doings. but because God forgave you, even when a storm enters your life, you will be at peace knowing that the Lord will carry you through it.

so i advice you to flee from what's causing you to keep on falling to this temptation. stand more firmly and cling more tightly to God's truth. i assure you that He's the only one that can clear our record. He'll restore your joy and help you overcome sins that trouble you. be also encouraged that the Lord hears you as you were typing this email. He delights your honesty and your sincerity to be forgiven. trust the power of God's grace and know that you are forgiven. temptation will always break loose to deceive you and keep you away from Him. all you need to do is surrender it to the Lord. you are His child and the battle is His. God loves you and He awaits for you to refresh your relationship with Him.

be blessed! email me anytime you need someone to talk to.


i thank God for being near to the broken. i know from experience that He pays close attention to our pain and He never leaves us unattented. let's draw near to God and He will draw near to us.

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